Latest News & Updates From Our Las Vegas Honda Dealership

The Best Honda SUVs for Your Family


Honda's full lineup of modern SUVs has something for every family driver or weekend adventurer. Click the link to learn more about available models.

Cruise Through the Holidays with Happy Honda Days


Rev up your holidays in Las Vegas with Happy Honda Days 2023! Unwrap incredible savings and drive home in a new Honda today. Don't miss out!

Introducing the 2024 CR-V


Discover the future of driving with the new 2024 CR-V. Explore its sleek design, cutting-edge tech, and eco-friendly options in our latest blog.

What are OEM Honda Parts and Why Are They Better for My Car?


Using certified OEM parts from your local Las Vegas Honda Dealer guarantees quality and performance. Click the link to learn why there’s no better option.

Fall Car Care: Tips for Maintaining Your Honda in Las Vegas


Discover essential tips for maintaining your Honda in the Las Vegas desert. Learn what you can do at home and when to visit your nearest Las Vegas Honda Dealers for professional care.

How Does Honda Lane Assist Work?


Honda’s safety features are designed to keep you safe on the road, no matter what the situation is. Lane Assist is an innovative part of the standard safety suite -- read our latest blog to learn more.

Hybrid Cars vs. Gas-Powered Cars: Which is Best for You?


The choice between a hybrid or a gas-powered car comes down to many factors, including efficiency and driving experience. Click the link to learn what’s best for your needs.

An Introduction to Honda’s Hybrid Models


Honda’s latest and greatest hybrid vehicles deliver exciting performance and impressive fuel efficiency. Click the link to learn more about available models.

Get a Honda Car for Less with the Honda CPO Program


The Honda Certified Pre-Owned program offers motorists reliable Honda vehicles backed by detailed inspections and warranties. Click the link for more.

What is Honda DreamShop?


Honda parts and accessories are easier than ever to get with Honda DreamShop. Click the link to learn more.

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